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Befehl: admincheat giveitemnum N1 N2 N3 true/false
N1 = itemnumber N2=quantity N3=quality true=blueprint/false=item

1Simple Pistol
2Assault Rifle
3Rocket Launcher
4Simple Bullet
12Raw Meat
13Spoiled Meat
14Cooked Meat
15Water Jar
16Water Jar (Full)
17Cloth Pants
18Cloth Shirt
19Cloth Hat
20Cloth Boots
21Cloth Gloves
22Hide Pants
23Hide Shirt
24Hide Hat
25Hide Boots
26Hide Gloves
27Chitin Leggings
28Chitin Chestpiece
29Chitin Helmet
30Chitin Boots
31Chitin Gauntlets
32Stone Arrow
33Stone Pick
34Stone Hatchet
35Metal Pick
36Metal Hatchet
40Standing Torch
41Hide Sleeping Bag
42C4 Remote Detonator
43C4 Charge
44Blood Extraction Syringe
45Blood Pack
46Improvised Explosive Device
48Waterskin (Full)
49Berrybush Seeds
51Bingleberry Soup
52Medical Brew
53Energy Brew
54Dinosaur Feces
55Human Feces
56Stegosaurus Egg
58Red Coloring
59Green Coloring
60Blue Coloring
61Yellow Coloring
62Purple Coloring
63Orange Coloring
64Black Coloring
65White Coloring
66Brown Coloring
67Cyan Coloring
68Purple Coloring
69Rex Saddle
70Tranq Arrow
71Pistol Hat Skin
74Metal Ingot
79Thatch Roof
80Thatch Door
81Thatch Foundation
82Thatch Wall
83Thatch Doorframe
84Wooden Catwalk
85Wooden Ceiling
86Wooden Hatchframe
87Wooden Door
88Wooden Foundation
89Wooden Ladder
90Wooden Pillar
91Wooden Ramp
92Wooden Trapdoor
93Wooden Wall
94Wooden Doorframe
95Wooden Windowframe
96Wooden Window
97Wooden Sign
98Blueprint: Note
100Parasaur Saddle
101Raptor Saddle
102Stego Saddle
103Trike Saddle
104Pulmonoscorpius Saddle
105Storage Box
106Large Storage Box
107Mortar and Pestle
110Stone Irrigation Pipe - Intake
111Stone Irrigation Pipe - Straight
112Stone Irrigation Pipe - Incline
113Stone Irrigation Pipe - Intersection
114Stone Irrigation Pipe - Vertical
115Stone Irrigation Pipe - Tap
116Amarberry Seed
125Refining Forge
127Compost Bin
128Cooking Pot
129Simple Bed
130Small Crop Plot
131Pteranodon Saddle
132Longneck Rifle
133Citronal Seed
134Specimen Implant
135Bronto Saddle
136Wooden Fence Foundation
138Scope Attachment
143Dinosaur Gateway
144Simple Rifle Ammo
145Summon Broodmother
146Cementing Paste
147Dinosaur Gate
148Artifact of the Hunter
149Artifact of the Pack
150Artifact of the Massive
151Artifact of the Devious
152Artifact of the Clever
153Artifact of the Skylord
154Artifact of the Devourer
155Artifact of the Queen
156Artifact of the Strong
157Artifact of the Flamekeeper
158Argentavis Talon
159Megalodon Tooth
160Tyrannosaurus Arm
161Sauropod Vertebra
163Silica Pearls
167Metal Catwalk
168Metal Ceiling
169Metal Hatchframe
170Metal Door
171Metal Fence Foundation
172Metal Foundation
173Behmoth Gate
174Behomoth Gateway
175Metal Ladder
176Metal Pillar
177Metal Ramp
178Metal Trapdoor
179Metal Wall
180Metal Doorframe
181Metal Windowframe
182Metal Window
183Super Test Meat
184Flare Gun
186Water Tank
188Air Conditioner
189Electrical Generator
190Electrical Outlet
191Inclined Electrical Cable
192Electrical Cable Intersection
193Straight Electrical Cable
194Vertical Electrical Cable
197Auto Turret
198Remote Keypad
199Metal Irrigation Pipe - Inclined
200Metal Irrigation Pipe - Intake
201Metal Irrigation Pipe - Intersection
202Metal Irrigation Pipe - Straight
203Metal Irrigation Pipe - Tap
204Metal Irrigation Pipe - Vertical
205Flashlight Attachment
206Silencer Attachment
207Carbonemys Saddle
208Sarco Saddle
209Ankylo Saddle
210Mammoth Saddle
211Megalodon Saddle
212Sabertooth Saddle
213Carno Saddle
214Argentavis Saddle
215Plesiosaur Saddle
218Metal Sign
219Holo-Scope Attachment
220Laser Attachment
221Wooden Billboard
222Flak Leggings
223Flak Chestpiece
224Flak Helmet
225Flak Boots
226Flak Gauntlets
227Enduro Stew
228Lazarus Chowder
229Calien Soup
230Fria Curry
231Focal Chili
235Azulberry Seed
236Tintoberry Seed
237Mejoberry Seed
238Narcoberry Seed
239Stimberry Seed
240Savoroot Seed
241Longrass Seed
242Rockarrot Seed
243Metal Billboard
244Fabricated Pistol
245Advanced Bullet
246Advanced Rifle Bullet
247Rocket Propelled Grenade
248Medium Crop Plot
249Large Crop Plot
250Rare Flower
251Rare Mushroom
252Raw Prime Meat
253Cooked Prime Meat
254Battle Tartare
255Shadow Steak Saute
256Rockwell Recipes: Enduro Stew
257Rockwell Recipes: Lazarus Chowder
258Rockwell Recipes: Calien Soup
259Rockwell Recipes:Fria Curry
260Rockwell Recipes: Focal Chilli
261Rockwell Recipes: Battle Tartare
262Rockwell Recipes: Shadow Steak Saute
263Notes on Rockwell Recipes
264Wall Sign
265Metal Dinosaur Gateway
266Metal Dinosaur Gate
268Simple Shotgun Ammo
269Metal Wall Sign
270Amarberry Seed
271Azulberry Seed
272Tintoberry Seed
273Narcoberry Seed
274Stimberry Seed
275Mejoberry Seed
276Critronal Seed
277Savoroot Seed
278Longrass Seed
279Rockarrot Seed
281Hunter Hat Skin
282Rex Stomped Glasses Saddle
284Spider Flag
285Phiomia Saddle
286Medium Dinosaur Feces
287Large Dinosaur Feces
288Brontosaurus Egg
289Parasaur Egg
290Raptor Egg
291T-Rex Egg
292Triceratops Egg
293Parasaur ARK Founder Saddle Skin
294Dodo Egg
295Preserving Bin
296Metal Spike Wall
297Cooked Meat Jerky
298Prime Meat Jerky
299Rex Bone Helmet Skin
300Nerdry Glasses Skin
301Rockwell Recipes: Medical Brew
302Rockwell Recipes: Energy Brew
303Spinosaur Saddle
304Rockwell Recipes: Meat Jerky
305Heavy Miners Helmet
306Steel Vault
307Wood Spike Wall
308Dino Glasses
310Stone Fence Foundation
311Stone Wall
312Metal Water Reservoir
313Plesiosaur Saddle
314Ichthyosaur Saddle
315Stone Ceiling
316Stone Hatchframe
317Reinforced Wooden Door
318Stone Foundation
319Reinforced Dinosaur Gate
320Stone Dinosaur Gateway
321Stone Pillar
322Stone Doorframe
323Stone Windowframe
324Fireworks Flaregun Skin
325Tripwire Narcotic Trap
326Tripwire Alarm Trap
327Kibble (Ankylo Egg)
328Kibble (Argentavis Egg)
329Kibble (Titanaboa Egg)
330Kibble (Carno Egg)
331Kibble (Dilo Egg)
332Kibble (Dodo Egg)
333Kibble (Parasaur Egg)
334Kibble (Pteranadon Egg)
335Kibble (Raptor Egg)
336Kibble (Rex Egg)
337Kibble (Sarco Egg)
338Kibble (Bronto Egg)
339Kibble (Pulminoscorpius Egg)
340Kibble (Araneo Egg)
341Kibble (Spino Egg)
342Kibble (Stego Egg)
343Kibble (Trike Egg)
344Kibble (Carbonemys Egg)
345Ankylo Egg
346Argentavis Egg
347Titanaboa Egg
348Carno Egg
349Dilo Egg
350Pteranadon Egg
351Sarco Egg
352Polminoscorpius Egg
353Araneo Egg
354Spino Egg
355Turtle Egg
356Rockwell Recipes: Egg-based Kibble
357Reinforced Window
358Reinforced Trap Door
359Omni Directional Lamp Post
360Industrial Grill
361Pumpaction Shotgun
362Crossbow (Stone Arrow)
363Forrest Coloring
364Parchement Coloring
365Pink Coloring
366Royalty Coloring
367Silver Coloring
368Sky Coloring
369Tan Coloring
370Tangerine Coloring
371Rockwell Recipes: Decorative Coloring
372Transponder Tracker
373Transponder Node
374Single Panel Flag
375Feeding Trough
376Compound Bow (Metal Arrows)
377Metal Arrow
378Canteen (Empty)
379Canteen (Filled)
380Metal Sickle
381Behemoth Stone Dino Gateway
382Behemoth Reinforced Dino Gate
383Bear Trap
384Large Bear Trap
385Trike Bone Helmet Skin
387Scuba Tank
388Scuba Mask
389Scuba Flippers
390Plant Species X Seed
391Plant Species X Seed
392Spray Painter
393Doeducurus Saddle
394Thatch Roof
395Sloped Thatch Wall Left
396Sloped Thatch Wall Right
397Wooden Roof
398Sloped Wood Wall Left
399Sloped Wood Wall Right
400Stone Roof
401Sloped Stone Wall Left
402Sloped Stone Wall Right
403Metal Roof
404Sloped Metal Wall Left
405Sloped Metal Wall Right
406Magenta Coloring
407Brick Coloring
408Cantaloupe Coloring
409Mud Coloring
410Navy Coloring
411Olive Coloring
412Slate Coloring
413Mindwipe Tonic
414Wooden Raft
415Bronto Platform Saddle
416Dune Buggy Vehicle Test
417Pachy Saddle
418Pachycephalosaurus Egg
419Kubble (Pachy Egg)
420Rockwell Receipes-Mindwipe Tonic
421Painting Canvas
422Paracer Saddle
423Paracer Platform Saddle
425Dimorph Egg
426Kibble (Dimorph Egg)
427Beelzebufo Saddle
428Megaloceros Saddle
429Fur Chestpiece
430Fur Leggings
431Fur Cap
432Fur Boots
433Fur Gaunlets
434Wooden Club
435Poison Grenade
436Fabricated Sniper Rifle
437DodoRex Mask Skin
Smoke Grenade
SCUBA Leggings
Without ID Elevator Track
Without IDSmall Elevator Platform
Without IDMedium Elevator Platform
Without IDLarge Elevator Platform
Without IDBallista Turret
Without IDBallista Bolt
Without IDPlesiosaurus Platform Saddle
Without IDWooden Chair
Without IDWooden Bench
Without IDBasic Gravestone
Without IDBug Repellant
Without IDTrophy Base
Without IDSurvival of the Fittest Trophy: 1st Place
Without IDSurvival of the Fittest Trophy: 2nd Place
Without IDSurvival of the Fittest Trophy: 3rd Place
Without IDSotF: Unnatural Selection Trophy: 1st Place
Without IDSotF: Unnatural Selection Trophy: 2nd Place
Without IDSotF: Unnatural Selection Trophy: 3rd Place
Without IDSotF: The Last Stand Trophy: 1st Place
Without IDSotF: The Last Stand Trophy: 2nd Place
Without IDSotF: The Last Stand Trophy: 3rd Place
Without IDTranquilizer Dart
Without IDQuetz Platform Saddle
Without IDAdvanced Sniper Bullet
Without IDQuetzal Egg
Without IDKibble (Quetzal_Egg)
Without IDMosasaurus Platform Saddle
Without IDMosasaurus Saddle
Without IDQuetz Saddle
Without IDWardrums
Without IDWar Map
Without IDWooden Railing
Without IDStone Railing
Without IDMetal Railing
Without IDWitch Hat Skin
Without IDDino Witch Hat Skin
Without IDCarno Bone Costume
Without IDRaptor Bone Costume
Without IDRex Bone Costume
Without IDBronto Bone Costume
Without IDStego Bone Costume
Without IDTrike Bone Costume
Without IDPumpkin
Without IDScarecrow
Without IDAlpha Rex Trophy
Without IDBroodmother Trophy
Without IDAraneo Saddle
Without IDMetal Sword
Without IDWooden Shield
Without IDMetal Shield
Without IDRiot Shield
Without IDSoap
Without IDGiganotosaurus Saddle
Without IDGiganotosaurus Egg
Without IDOrganic Polymer
Without IDMinigun Turret
Without IDCatapult Turret
Without IDBoulder
Without IDAngler Gel