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enablecheats [password]Schaltet die Admin Commandos frei
admincheat GodGod Mode Ein/Aus ( Du kannst trotzdem Ertrinken!)
admincheat FlyDu kannst Fliegen
admincheat WalkFliegen Aus!
admincheat TeleportTeleportiert dich in die richtung in welche du guckst.
admincheat GhostDu kannst durch Wände und Strukturen gehen
admincheat ToggleInfiniteAmmoUnendlich Munition
admincheat setcheatplayer true/falseCheat Menü An/Aus
admincheat giveresourcesGibt 50 von jeder Ressource auf lokalen Servern
admincheat giveengramsSchaltet alle engramme frei
admincheat ServerPVEDeaktiviert PVP
admincheat ServerHardcoreNach dem Tot muss man einen neuen Char anfangen
admincheat ServerForceNoHUDFloating names become disabled
admincheat ServerCrosshairErlaubt das Fadenkreuz
admincheat GlobalVoiceChatGlobal Voicechat
admincheat ProximityChatText chat nur möglich wenn man in unmittelbarer Nähe ist
admincheat AllowThirdPersonPlayerEnables 3rd person
admincheat AlwaysNotifyPlayerLeftBenachrichtigungen das Spieler den Server verlassen haben
admincheat DontAlwaysNotifyPlayerJoinedBenachrichtigung ob Spieler den Server betreten haben
cheat settimeofday [timestring]Ändert die Tageszeit ,Beispiel: cheat settimeofday 12:00
admincheat AltSaveDirectoryNameServer data is saved in an alternate directory
cheat saveworldSpeichert die derzeitige Spielwelt
cheat damagetarget [amount]Verursacht Schaden in höhe von X auf der Kreatur auf welche man zielt.
cheat destroyallenemiesDestroys all enemies, they respawn eventually
admincheat destroytargetDestroys the entire world. Do not use this unless you want to nuke your current world
admincheat autoSpawn trexSpawns a T-Rex
admincheat autoSpawn dragonSpawns a Dragon
admincheat NoTributeDownloadsDisable downloading external items/characters/dinosaurs into this ARK
admincheat BanBan those nasty players!
admincheat InfiniteStatsNo hunger, Stamina, etc
cheat addexperience 1000 0 0Gives you 1000xp, you can change the value and if you change the second 0 to a 1 it will share the xp among your tribe
admincheat ForceTameForces a Dino to be tamed
cheat giveitemnum Gives you an item, the list of items with their ID's can be found here[] example admincheat giveitemnum 1 1 1 false gives you a simple pistol and admincheat giveitemnum 1 1 100 false gives you an ascendant simple pistol
cheat AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck Whitelists the persons Steam ID
cheat DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck Removes the persons whitelist
cheat SetMessageOfTheDay Sets a message of the day that appears when people join the server
cheat broadcast Broadcasts a message to everyone on the server, and forces their chat window to open
cheat slomo 5Changes the speed on the server such as player movement, use slomo 1 to revert to normal speed
cheat playersonlyFreezes absolutely everything except players, this even includes crafting
banplayer Bans the user from the server
unbanplayer Unbans the user from the server
cheat hurtme Deals x amount of damage to yourself
togglegunToggles the visibility of your currently equipped weapon/tool
cheat setplayerpos 0 0 0Allows you to teleport to coords coord map[]
cheat quitExits the current world, use after saving for a safe shutdown
cheat execsetsleeping true/falsePuts your character to sleep/wakes them up
cheat enemyinvisible true/falseMakes all creatures ignore you even if you attack them
cheat destroyall destroys all objects/dinosaurs of a classname, refer to the dinosaur or item lists for specific classnames, also works with structures WIP List
cheat summon Summons a dinosaur at your location. A list of all dinosaurs can be found here[]. This command can also be used to summon structures, structures will be rotated depending on the players viewing direction
stat fpsShows your fps and latency, usable by anyone. commands do not need to be enabled for this